British Lord Chancellor, Lord Brougham put Cannes firmly on the map when he decided to stop on route to Nice. So taken with the then small fishing village, he built a Villa and the rest as they say is history. Cannes is the town of festivals, the choice resort for the rich and famous. Busy all year round, this Ultra-Hip resort really goes party mad for 10 days each year when the world famous film festival takes place in mid-May.

With all the casinos, fairs, beach life, boats and the street life, Cannes may lack the great museums and galleries of other resorts, but when your town's slogan is LIFE IS A FESTIVAL you know what you are getting.

Offshore from Cannes lay two islands, ille St Honorat and ille Ste-Marguerite. Both accessible via a 20 minute boat journey. Ille Ste-Marguerite houses the fortress where, so legend says, the Man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned from 1660 until 1690. Nobody but King Louis XIV knew the identity of the man behind the mask. More than 68 names have been suggested for this prisoner whose name no one knows. Perhaps you will discover the true identity on a lovely day trip to the Islands!

In Cannes you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining - from Michelin star establishments to cafe's, local bars and the ultra hot spots. You may not find the culture of other towns along the French Riviera, but if good living, good dining and nonstop partying are what you're after, Cannes is your town.