If you come to the Principality of Monaco by car, you will have the pleasure of travelling on the Moyenne Corniche, one of the world's most beautiful coastal roads. On entering the country (it's the worlds smallest after Vatican City) you will discover amid the modern skyscrapers, the amazing history of the world's oldest ruling monarchy, the glamour of the Grand Prix, the glitz of the Casino and the scene of the wealthiest playground on the planet!

Take a moment to watch the changing of the guard at the Palais du Prince then shop or window-shop till you drop in the glamour of central Monte-Carlo, Monaco's capital. Monte-Carlo is famed for its Casino which is worth the admission fee to see the real big spenders play. But remember, you must be at least 21yrs old and a jacket and tie are required for gents to enter the Salon Prives.

Another of Monte-Carlos big attraction's is the annual Grand Prix, one of the Riviera's premier events. Watch the formula one (F1) drivers tear around a track that works its way through the city at breakneck speeds.

Monaco has everything from Tex-Mex to Sushi, from sublime dining to portside cafés. Be sure to try some of the Monegasque specialties like barbarian, a delicious appetiser of rice, spinach, leek and cheese. Monte-Carlo can offer you the finest champagnes, exciting cocktails and punches in any number of the bars and nightclubs dotted all over this amazingly huge and diverse but geographically small country !