A Food Lover's Guide to French Riviera's Spring Cuisine

French Riviera

Delight in the fresh and seasonal flavors of the region

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The French Riviera is not only renowned for its glamorous beaches and stunning landscapes but also for its exceptional culinary scene. Spring is the perfect time to visit this exquisite region, as it offers a vibrant and diverse array of flavors. From delectable seafood to fresh vegetables, the spring cuisine of the French Riviera is a food lover's paradise. This article provides an overview of the rich gastronomy found in the area and suggests 20 activities to fully immerse yourself in the culinary delights of the French Riviera's spring cuisine.

1. Taste Menton's Lemon Delicacies

Visit the picturesque town of Menton, known for its exceptional lemons. Try a variety of sweet and tangy lemon-based treats, such as lemon tarts, sorbets, and jams, available at local patisseries.


2. Taste the Provencal Lamb

Savor the tender and fragrant roasted Provencal Lamb, marinated with herbs and garlic. Dine at renowned restaurants in Cannes, such as Au Mas Candille, to relish this mouthwatering specialty.