Exploring Charming Villages of the French Riviera

French Riviera

Discover the Authentic Side of the Riviera's Picturesque Towns

1. Saint-Tropez: A Glamorous Getaway

Saint-Tropez is a renowned village on the French Riviera that offers a glamorous and elegant escape for visitors. Enjoy the sunny beaches, indulge in high-end shopping, and soak up the vibrant nightlife. Don't miss a visit to the iconic Saint-Tropez port, lined with luxurious yachts and charming cafes.


2. Villefranche-sur-Mer: A Picturesque Paradise

Villefranche-sur-Mer is a picturesque fishing village with charming colorful houses and a lovely harbor. Take a leisurely stroll along the Promenade des Marinieres, visit the historic Saint-Elme Citadel, and relax on the sandy shores of Plage de la Darse. Indulge in fresh seafood at one of the village's waterfront restaurants.


3. Saint-Paul-de-Vence: An Artist's Haven

Saint-Paul-de-Vence is an enchanting village known for inspiring countless artists over the years. Explore the art galleries and boutiques, take a walk along the medieval ramparts, and visit the Fondation Maeght to admire its impressive collection of modern and contemporary art. Enjoy a meal at a charming restaurant with panoramic views of the countryside.


4. Èze-sur-Mer: A Seaside Escape

Èze-sur-Mer is a peaceful village that offers a serene seaside escape for travelers. Relax on the pebble beaches, take a swim in the crystal-clear waters, and savor a delightful meal at a beachfront restaurant. Enjoy scenic coastal walks and admire the breathtaking views of the French Riviera.


5. Grasse: Perfume Capital of the World

Grasse is a charming town renowned as the perfume capital of the world. Visit the prestigious perfume houses, such as Fragonard, Molinard, or Galimard, to learn about the art of perfume making. Explore the beautiful old town, enjoy a tour of the Musée International de la Parfumerie, and create your own personalized fragrance.


6. Beaulieu-sur-Mer: A Riviera Gem

Beaulieu-sur-Mer is a charming village nestled between Nice and Monaco. Stroll along the Belle Epoque-style promenade, admire the opulent villas that line the coast, and visit the beautiful Villa Kérylos, a reconstruction of an ancient Greek villa. Enjoy a swim in the inviting waters of the Baie des Fourmis and indulge in delicious Mediterranean cuisine.


7. La Turbie: Roman History

La Turbie is a village steeped in Roman history and offers stunning views over the French Riviera. Visit the grand Trophy of Augustus, an ancient Roman monument, explore the narrow streets of the old town, and enjoy a scenic drive along the 'Corniche Moyenne' road. Relax in one of the village's quaint cafes and soak up the charming ambiance.


8. Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat: Riviera's Hidden Gem

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is a hidden gem known for its luxurious villas and serene atmosphere. Explore the beautiful gardens of Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, visit the Chapel Saint-Hospice, and enjoy a leisurely walk along the picturesque coastal path. Relax on one of the village's sandy beaches and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters.


9. Cagnes-sur-Mer: Beaches and History

Cagnes-sur-Mer offers a perfect blend of sandy beaches and historical charm. Visit the medieval fortress Château Grimaldi, which now houses the Musée de l'Art Moderne, enjoy a horseback ride along the shore, and explore the delightful old town with its charming shops and cafes. Take in the beautiful sunset from Promenade de la Plage.


10. Sainte-Agnès: On Top of the Riviera

Sainte-Agnès is the highest coastal village in Europe, offering spectacular panoramic views of the French Riviera. Explore the picturesque streets, admire the ancient 13th-century castle ruins, and visit the Chapelle Saint-Sébastien with its stunning frescoes. Enjoy a traditional Provençal meal at one of the village's cozy restaurants.