Local Media

The French Riviera has an extensive choice of English language media for you to keep up to date with local culture, French Riviera events, business and current affairs. There are several English language radio stations as well as regional newspapers, periodical magazines,  town & village guides and great online information websites.

Take a look below at some of the current English language, French Riviera news and media available to you.


English Language Newspapers

  • The Riviera Times - The Riviera Times is an English language newspaper bringing you the latest local information and news and in-depth reports in the French and Italian Riviera. Launched in 2002, this newspaper has gone on to be the most popular, successful and informative publication on the region and has subscribers not only in France and Monaco but in the UK, the rest of Europe, USA, Scandinavia and even as far afield as Australia.
  • The Connexion -  The Connexion is France's best selling English language newspaper, providing accurate and essential news and pratical information to its readers, helping you understand and intergrate into the French community. Their reporters follow up national news stories often not covered by international publications and broadcasters. You will also find great features on cultural events, politics and the economy.

Most UK and International tabloid and broadsheet newspapers such as the Daily Mail, The Times, Telegraph and Herald Tribune etc can be bought at most Tabac's and news kiosks throughout the French Riviera.

Other Print Media

  • The Riviera Reporter - The Riviera Reporter is an English language, French Riviera magazine for residents which provides local and focused pratical information, national and regional news. The magazine is distributed free directly to its readers at home, at work and to local cafe's and businesses.

Radio Stations

  • Riviera Radio - Riviera Radio is one of the leading English language radio stations broadcasting throughout the French Riviera. The station which is based in Monaco plays a varied range of music for all tastes and gives up to date information on the community, business, news and weather. (Tune in to 106.5 FM)
  • Radio International - Radio International plays music from the 60's through the 90's and is an official broadcaster of the BBC World Service and the American NPR as well as an affiliate relationship with German station Deutsche Welle. The station is available throughout the region on 100.5, 100.7, 100.9 and 101.0 FM. View Radio International coverage map for more information.